Satisfy Your Soul: How to Begin Planting the Seeds of Your Dreams by Joshua Perez

This book will teach you how to stop chasing your dreams, and


In my first book, I share time-tested strategies that will change the direction of your life in positive, meaningful ways. Once you see that everything you say and do is a seed planted in the garden of your life - for good or bad - you’re then empowered to uproot the weeds that have played leading roles in your nightmares, and replace those painful thorns with seeds that will cause your dreams to burst into the scenes of your everyday life.


It’s time for you to go from fear to confidence; from anxiety to peace; and from inaction to success! If you begin to live the ideas I share with you in this book, day by day you will begin to see the good life more and more, till one day you’ll look around and smile and realize your dreams are no longer something you’re running after, but you’re actually living them.

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