In July 2010, Creative Design Solutions was launched by Chattanooga area local Joshua Perez as a creative resource to meet the needs of small, local organizations through website development, graphic design, and printing solutions.


As our experience grew, we continued to expand our technology and develop new skills. In 2015, we strategically re-branded to Nooga Media Solutions and fine-tuned our service offerings to continue to offer valuable services to our business partners - and hard work pays off! We saw business grow by over 70%. We've served organizations large and small, from local independent churches to large international celebrity brands.


One thing that hasn't changed over all these years: our commitment to growth. Our brand continues to grow every year under the direction of entrepreneur, growth coach, and business strategist Joshua Perez. Joshua's business philosophies have been shaped by both experience and education. He can recall being an aggressively ambitious entrepreneur as early as 5th grade, where he carried school supply inventory around in his backpack to sell his classmates when they found themselves in a bind and "needed" that bright green pencil eraser, or when the Monday blues could only be soothed by a watermelon JOLLY RANCHER®. In high school he was regularly dreaming up ways to generate cash flow. Then, in 2010 he finally found the inspiration to launch his first company - this one.


What started as a small side hustle to serve the needs of his small-town friends and neighbors, mostly in the non-profit world and who were strapped for cash, has now grown into an expert creative agency called on by major players in the entertainment world like Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka'oir, Kim Zolciak Biermann, as well as fashion brands like Aminah Abdul Jillil.


Joshua also has 16 years of experience coaching and mentoring others. What started as a pastoral role for the first decade later evolved into life coaching, relationship coaching, and business growth coaching. He is now a highly sought-after, nationally certified life coach, mentor, spiritual guide, and author. People who are intentional about growing their knowledge seek out opportunities and resources to help them do just that. If you're still reading this far in, you are likely one of those wise people.


Joshua's unique process of exploring existing values and patterns is followed up with a completely unique goal and action plan mapping experience with his clients that charts the course for your success. His processes are strongly influenced by strategies most often referenced by first-generation millionaires. Organizations spanning every sector have consulted with Joshua, from political candidates and organizations, to religious leaders and ministries, to small and large e-commerce brands. The principles Joshua employs aren't industry specific. They only require a strong desire to learn and grow. Years of consulting have made one thing clear to Joshua: no matter how skillfully he serves a person or organization, if they lack zeal for learning and growing, his services are useless; but no matter how poorly he executes his strategies in the process, a client who is consumed with desire for knowledge and expansion cannot be stopped...growth is going to take place.


Joshua thoroughly enjoys the process of investing in a person or an organization, and then having a front row seat to watch their life and business expand. To ensure that his work delivers results, and not just a financial transaction that benefits him, he requires an initial free consultation to get to know the person or brand who seeks his help. Click here to request your free consultation now.


If you are ready to end the cycles of success-sabotage and procrastination, below are two ways Joshua Perez can serve you and your brand...


































$800 per month, includes:


  • 1 weekly live one on one Growth Mapping Session for 1 month (total 4 sessions, avail. in person or by phone/video call).
  • After your initial free consultation, you will work with Joshua personally to uncover your existing values, desires, obstacles, and patterns holding back or sabotaging your success.
  • You will then partner together to map out goals and strategic action plans to see your dreams of growth begin to happen.
  • You will also receive access to his private business mastermind group THRIVING Masterminds - a very exclusive group of successful entrepreneurs with limited membership. Each week we come together to confidentially share ideas, information, feedback, contacts, and resources. By getting the perspective, knowledge, experience, and resources of others in the group, not only can you greatly expand your own limited view of the world, you can also advance your own goals and projects more quickly. Your resources automatically multiply. Mastermind groups have been used by some of the most successful people throughout history. We all know that two heads are better than one when it comes to solving a problem or creating a result. So, imagine having a permanent group of five to six people who meet regularly for the purpose of problem-solving, brainstorming, networking, encouraging and motivating each other, and holding each other accountable to taking action to achieve their goals.




$1,600 includes:


  • In addition to the powerful services listed above for one on one Growth Mapping, Joshua offers you the opportunity to a more aggressively ambitious experience by immersing yourself and your team in a 2 Day Growth Mapping Weekend (in person, US locations only, Joshua's travel/lodging expenses not included).
  • To explore more details of what this weekend can look like for you and your team, please contact us today.



We are happy to provide client references who will ensure you that if you do the work, you will see the results.

Nourished ambition grows. Let's grow together!

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