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Hi sweet friend! If you've landed on this page it's probable that you are familiar with my work. Maybe you recently read my book or blog, saw me in O, The Oprah Magazine, or maybe we are connected on social media. Or maybe you were Googling "life coach chattanooga tn" and you ended up here. Regardless of how we connected, beloved I am so, so glad you are here!


My passion is the privilege of personally investing in the lives of others. My mission is to serve the human race by elevating the consciousness of the planet. I receive messages from countless people asking for guidance and advice. The issues people ask for help with tend to revolve around 3 spheres of life: the relationship with self, the relationship with others, and the relationship with their dreams.


Life obstacles tend to make their home in one of these three relationships. Is your confidence not where you want it to be? Do you lack a clear vision…or is your vision so big you’re overwhelmed? Are your patterns not supporting your goals? Are you irritable? In a huge transition? Or are you craving one? Is your relationship in a rut...or are you taking your relationship to the next level, and need pre-marriage counseling? If you said yes to any of these, it's time for us to meet!


I've developed coaching strategies and exercises with my team to help you grow in all of these areas and more...




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Establishing a close, healthy relationship with yourself is foundational to getting everything else you want in life. Every coaching client first undergoes a self-care check-up in their first session, and then works with their coach to build a strong, sturdy foundation to build on. We offer a variety of online tools and exercises to aid you in your personal growth as well.






Ah, relationships. This is the area 99% of clients REALLY want to focus on. Other people. Though we don't offer solutions to help you change or fix other people, our relationship coaching does help you recognize the patterns you form in your relationships and why. Clients are guided through desire exploration exercises to help them get really crystal clear on what they do want, and what they don't. We can also provide support during relationship transitions like dating, marriage, divorce, coming out, and death.






Anything you nourish will grow. That includes ambition. Nourished ambition grows.


Joshua's unique process of exploring existing values and patterns is followed up with a completely unique goal and action plan mapping experience with his clients that charts the course for your success. His processes are strongly influenced by strategies most often referenced by first-generation millionaires. Organizations spanning every sector have consulted with Joshua, from political candidates and organizations, to religious leaders and ministries, to small and large e-commerce brands. The principles Joshua employs aren't industry specific. They only require a strong desire to learn and grow.


Years of consulting have made one thing clear to Joshua: no matter how skillfully he serves a person or organization, if they lack zeal for learning and growing, his services are useless; but no matter how poorly he executes his strategies in the process, a client who is consumed with desire for knowledge and expansion cannot be stopped...growth is going to take place.






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  • Consultation: A free 30-minute consultation to see if it's a good match to work together. The first step will be for you to submit your New Client Profile, which will be reviewed before your consultation to save time.
  • Session Format: Once you begin working with me, we will schedule your sessions. Each individual session is a one-on-one, 1-hour session with the life coach you choose. Depending on your location, sessions can be in person, by phone, or by video call. Group coaching is also available. In person sessions are available with Joshua Perez in Chattanooga, TN, and with life coach interns in various cities. Phone sessions are available with all coaches.
  • Each individual session is $200*.
  • Each Couples session is $300*.
  • Growth Mapping business consulting with Joshua Perez is $800* for one month of weekly sessions.
  • Impact: You should expect life-changing results. Expect your dreams to burst onto the scenes of your every daily life.


  • Your household income is equal to or less than the Federal Poverty Limit
  • You are HIV+
  • You sign up for my Life Coaching Internship


*Only one discount applies per person/session, discount offers cannot be combined. Mention this offer when you book your first session to ensure you qualify!





Disclaimer:  Joshua Perez/ do not provide clinical counseling, psychotherapy, medical treatment, legal, or financial advice. Our services are not meant to be a substitute for clinical counseling, treatment for suicidal ideation, depression or severe psychiatric problems, and the information provided by Joshua Perez/ does not constitute legal or professional advice, and it isn’t intended to be. It is to be used for educational and inspirational purposes only.

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