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Hi sweet friend! If you've landed on this page it's probable that you are familiar with my work. Maybe you recently read my book or blog, or maybe we are connected on social media, or maybe you were Googling "life coach chattanooga tn" and you ended up here. Regardless of how we connected, I am so, so glad you are here!


My passion is the privilege of personally investing in the lives of others. I receive messages regularly from countless people asking for guidance and advice. The issues people ask for help with tend to revolve around 3 spheres of life: the relationship with self, the relationship with others, and the relationship with their dreams.


Life obstacles tend to make their home in one of these three relationships. Is your confidence not where you want it to be? Do you lack a clear vision…or is your vision so big you’re overwhelmed? Are your patterns not supporting your goals? Are you irritable? In a huge transition? Or are you craving one? Is your relationship in a rut...or are you taking your relationship to the next level, and need pre-marriage counseling? If you said yes to any of these, it's time for us to meet!





  • Consultation: A free 30-minute consultation to see if we are a good match to work together.
  • Session Format: Once you begin working with me, we will schedule your sessions. Each session is a one-on-one, 1-hour session with me, Joshua Perez. Depending on your location, sessions can be in person, by phone, or by Skype video. Group coaching may also be available. In person sessions are available in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and phone sessions are available in the US only.
  • Each individual session is $200, with a minimum of 4 sessions. Based on your schedule and budget, you are welcome to schedule these initial 4 sessions weekly, bi weekly, or monthly. Payment is accepted by cash, check, and all major credit/debit cards. Couples sessions are $300, with a minimum of 4 sessions. Growth Mapping business coaching starts at $800 for one month of weekly sessions.
  • Impact: You should expect life-changing results. Expect your dreams to burst onto the scenes of your every daily life.


3 Coaching Tracks Guaranteed to Change Your Life






The Relationship with Yourself

Establishing a deep, healthy relationship with yourself is

foundational to getting everything else you want in life.














The Relationship with Others

Figuring out whom to spend your time with and how to grow

those relationships is instrumental to your happiness.














The Relationship with Your Dreams

Success is more than a numbers game. Real emotions are

involved that contribute directly to your happiness.





"Every experience is an opportunity to learn and to grow."




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