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Hi! I'm a nationally certified life coach, author and speaker based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Through my time-tested techniques and positive philosophy, hundreds have learned how to create more of what they want in their lives and relationships. My own personal philosophy was forged through decades of overcoming struggles and building resilience. Today, my life is more satisfying and fulfilling than ever. I am healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially than I’ve ever been before! But at my lowest point, I was 70+ pounds overweight. I was struggling to perform a job that I despised. I was lying to those I loved, but even worse I was lying to myself, about my sexuality. Even though I was a Christian pastor, married to a beautiful woman, and we had two beautiful kids together, something wasn’t right; I longed to be with a man, and frankly, to just be myself, and to no longer have this big ugly secret and the shame that came with it. I was tired of living to please everyone but myself.





















I decided to start taking better care of myself and living a more healthy, positive, fulfilling life. Since 2011, I’ve lost over 50 pounds,

I’ve peacefully ended my heterosexual marriage, and have come out as a proud gay dad who finally loves myself. I have a fulfilling career that excites and challenges me, and frankly, I’m better off financially today than at any other point in my life!


Some of my experience includes:















Even though I’ve come so far in life, I still remember what it was like to be struggling in virtually every area of my life. And I certainly haven’t arrived; there are still areas of life I’m working to grow in, and there always will be. So, you can feel safe knowing I’m not going to judge you or shame you. I remember what life was like dealing with the judgment and even the public shaming of others.


My passion is the privilege of personally investing in the lives of others. I’ve studied relationships and positive psychology for the last 15 years. During this time, many people have been drawn to me for my support. Eventually I decided to dedicate my life to helping others like myself overcome life’s struggles.


"Somewhere along the way I started believing I deserve all the good life has to offer. And gradually, but progressively, my life has continued to get better and better. Every experience - the good and the bad - is chance to learn and grow."


It’s time for you to go from fear to confidence; from anxiety to peace; and from inaction to success. Ready to get started? Contact me today for your free consultation...and let's get to work!

The moment everything changed was in 2011 when my mother was very sick and she was hospitalized. I went to see her and she began apologizing for several things we had already dealt with in the past. What I began to realize was that she felt like she was at the end of her life, and she had so many regrets for the way she had lived it, and there was nothing at all she could do about it. That experience helped me to realize that I wasn’t okay with being 60 or 70 years old, and looking back over my life and dying with a long list of regrets.


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